· Packaging creation

Project overview

As a group of designers, we were assigned to choose between 3 different companies that needed a new packaging for their new product. 

Baobab is a company of candles.

My contribution

I was responsible for this project from start to finish this included doing research, writing exact information, and checking the conformity of the final product that should match the universe of the brand.

Start with the basics. who, what and why.

I started by collecting all the information in the brief. Then I did some brainstorming and research, to first complete my own design brief so i could proceed with the page layout of the packaging. 

second step

After I researched the company “Baobab, a Candle company”, I found out that there was one common thing that most of them had, which was that all candles have a theme based on, and most of them were based on countries or regions of the world that are popular. So, I chose to base mine on  EGYPT because I had free creativity for this project ( based on the client’s brief ). 

the final product

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