· Leaflet creation 

Project overview

As a group of Designer, we have been assigned to design a leaflet with an eco-responsible approach. of the company.

My contribution

I was responsible for this project from start to finish this included doing research, writing exact information, and checking the conformity of the final product.

Start with the basics. who, what and why.

I started by collecting all the information in the brief. Then we started with some brainstorming and research, to first complete my own design brief so I could proceed with the page layout of the leaflet. 

My next step

After I drew my idea of a leaflet based on the research that I made. I started to prepare the final product by using InDesign to have good control of alignment and spacing with grinds and control the hierarchy of the elements then I used Photoshop to adjust the photo’s resolution. 

the final product as a mockup

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