· Wine Label 

Project overview

As a group of designers, we have been assigned to choose between different company names for a wine label. This project made us develop our searching and creator skills, and develope our typography skills.

My contribution

I was responsible for this project from start to finish this included doing research, writing exact information, and checking the conformity of the final product. 

Start with the basics. who, what and why.

I started by collecting all the information in the brief. Then I did some brainstorming and research, to complete my own design brief so I could proceed with multiple sketches and different fonts that I chose in my previous research.  

next step

Most of my research was based on the DOMAIN-VATOPEDI to know more about the place. Then for the logo I created my own Typography based on the Greece styles but in a way that could be legible internationally. 

The Final Product

The Mock-Up

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