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Project overview

The goal of the project was to create three different choices of a logo. The new company wanted a brand + visual identity that attracted the gamer audiences who like escape games. The project helped us improve our search method and develop our skills to create a good logo.

My contribution

I was reposposible for this project from start to finish this include doing research, write exact informations and check the conformity of the final product by following the client brief.

Start with the basics. who, what and why.

Initially, I begin by analyzing the specifications and understanding the clients’ needs. For example, they prefer two esoteric shapes and a specific typography. They would also like their logo to incorporate references to space or time travel, as well as astronomy.


Down below there are some sketches that I made by inspiring myself from the mood board that I made earlier just after the understanding pf the client brief.

My next step

After all my sketches and planning for the ideas for the logo, I used Illustrator to have all the sketches in vectorial forms and make sure that the logo had different variants by making sure that the complementary colors matched well and had a good contrast, so it can have a good brand awareness. Then I started to prepare the visual identity using InDesign for the presentation to the client. 


final acceptation

The client did accept the work 

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