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· Magazine creation 

Project overview

As a group of Designer we have been assigned to choose between different niches to create a magazin and then develop  our skills by using InDesign.

My contribution

I was reposposible for this project from start to finish this include doing research, write exact informations and check the conformity of the final product.

Start with the basics. who, what and why.

We started by collecting all the information in the brief. Then we started with some brainstorming and researches, to first complite my own design brief so i can proceed with the pages layout. 

next step

Following the layout with the block text, I opened Photoshop to take all the photos that I downloaded through my research and put them in CMYK mode: 300 dpi using Action panels ➝ automation ➝ batch processing. Afterward, I retouched on InDesign to create my character/paragraph styles.

Once this work was done, I started to lay out all the “documents” and the colors (which I had chosen by monitoring the different magazine formats) to have my first rendering.

the magazine version ebook

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