L'Isle aux container -
La Ruche

multi – objective  

Graphic charter · Signage · Communication support “print and digital” 

Project overview

La Ruche is a Sports Center, The goal of the project was to create a logo, brand identity, and other various materials for communications such as visual identity to represent the center. The project was to work with other 2 groups ” TEBDP and CDUI ” to find the perfect armony  between all creations.

My contribution

My role on the group  was to be more versatile, so i could be more efficient and develop my skills. I was involved pretty much in everything.


Scroll down to see what I have accomplish with team work. 

Start with the basics. who, what and why.

We started by doing some brainstorming and research based on the information that we’ve got on the client’s brief. since we were talking about a new company center we started by defining the brand attribution and created a brand statement. 

the project's objectives 

Project content

Design of communication media

– Create a coherent visual identity between each building 

– Create effective communication materials to promote the association and it’s activities 

– Create a clear and easy-to-use graphic charter for all communication media

– Creation of the visual identity of the buildings (logo, colors, fonts)
– Creation of communication supports such as:
– Business cards
– Posters
– Flyers
– Advertising banners
– Presentation supports
– Mailings
– etc.

– The visual identity of the association must be respected on all communication media
– Materials must be clear and easy to understand
– The colors and fonts used must be in harmony with the visual identity of the association
– Photos and illustrations must be integrated to highlight the association and its activities


One of my missions was to create pictograms to represent the activities of our sports center, which include: urban dance, climbing, Tai Chi, Yoga, running, fitness, and other necessary things like signage. 

Here are some mockups

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